Call for a stripped down Script Debugger? Like Scripter2 used to be!

(John Welch) #21

How silly of me to think that I could disagree with you and not just be completely stupid. My apologies for thinking countering points of view matter. You shan’t be bothered with my nattering again.

(Jean Christophe Helary) #22

I did not suggest that you were completely or even partially stupid, so I’m not sure you are replying to the right person.

But the fact that you make it sound like there is a set amount of money on the table that won’t grow over the years is, well, a misconception. It’s a totally new product that has no equivalent now and most likely won’t for a good while. Nobody has any idea what the market is for that (although DF’s recent article gives some interesting figures) and how that market can grow.

(Phil Stokes) #23

I suppose that’s the thing with idioms: they don’t always mean the same thing to everyone. Where I come from, the idea of “leaving it on the table” implies that the money is there waiting to be (relatively) easily picked up (hence: on the table, not locked in a vault). YMMV.